Tape to Audacity to itunes... it's not working

Trying to copy cassette tapes to my computer…
purchased a usb to connect, from earphone jack to computer, open Audacity and try to find that source, it does not appear as a selection in anything I open (amateur)
I’ve read postings saying this works… what am I missing?
have tried a standard (3.5?) into the microphone jack of computer, that didn’t work either…

copied it playing the tape into a microphone (this I can do), though the quality was understandably poor.
“Exported” the file, saving it as a MP3 and WAV
When I try to open it in itunes, selected “Add Folder to Library”, the Audacity data file I saved shows but the others don’t
when I select “Add File to Library” all the other variations I saved show but when I select one (have tried them all) nothing happens, at least nothing happens that results in me seeing the file in the itunes library.
I have copied recorded (with mic connected to audacity) materials into itunes, I know it works…

What am I missing?
I’ve been looking at digital recorders…but having trouble deciding and concerned I find find the same complications after spending the money…
If I can, I’d like to save the money and use my tape recorder until it quits (and I prefer at instead of having batteries quit while recording)…
and I have tapes I’d like to copy (would like to copy some audiobooks to itunes too)

I’m running Windows 7 64 bit…

Thank you more knowing ones…

Start off with a read of these articles from the Wiki:


I did, that is the instruction I referred to
to make sure I am understanding,
in “setting up audacity”
it refers to an “Audio I/O tab”
I do not see a tab that says this, what I see is tabs (that seem to correlate to this control)
MME Speakers (Realtek…) Microphone 1(Mono) Input
(I’m using Audacity 1.3.13-beta)…
no tab says “Audio I/O” the option for Microsoft sound mapper is under “Microphone”
“”“Windows Vista or 7, choose the line-in option for the recording device you want to use (e.g. “Line-In: Realtek HD Device”) in the “Recording Device” dropdown in the Audio I/O tab of Audacity Preferences (Devices tab in current Audacity Beta)”“”

there is no drop down that says Audio I/O… and no where do I find an option for “line -In"Realtek…”

“”““The turntable must be switched on and its USB cable connected to the computer before launching Audacity, because Audacity is not able to recognise a device if you plug it in while it’s already running.””“”"
I need to have the tape running before I start Audacity?
how do I do that and then copy the correct part of the tape… all stops when I stop the tape to rewind, right?
I tried setting the player for CD and restarting Audacity…
“realtek” shows in the drop down…
and… recording!
will need to learn about noise reduction… lots of tape and backround sounds…

some posting I have read talked about using the usb connection, I cannot figure out how to use that as the input…
or, would there be any improvement in sound?

First step to making this effective!

Thank You!!!

Next, what was I missing about being able to import it into itunes?

It was working all along… it uploads the file under “unknown” and it did not show in the list of “albums”
I found them all today

feeling very silly
but pleased…

this is very cool software
I was able to edit my audio and add notes about areas deleted, add a beginning and end…
very cool!

In which case have a read of this workflow tutorial I wrote for the 1.3 manual: http://manual.audacityteam.org/man/Sample_workflow_for_exporting_to_iTunes

You may find this one useful too: http://manual.audacityteam.org/man/Sample_workflow_for_LP_digitization


Thank you, useful info!