Tape does not roll when I hit 'record' [SOLVED]

Hi there Audacity users!

Any help with this much appreciated…

Running 2.3.3 on Windows 10, intel i5@ 2.7ghz, 16GB RAM. Audient id22 interface. sample rate 96K

I’m trying to do some double bass overdubs onto a pre-recorded stereo audio file that I can send back to the engineer to drop into the overall mix. I’ve imported the sound file, it plays fine. Have never tried recording into Audacity before so I thought I’d get to grips first, by DIing bass guitar. I click ‘start monitoring’, level is fine, play along with the sound file, all good.

When I hit ‘record’, nothing happens. Cursor remains static at the beginning of the file.

‘Overdub’ is on, ‘Software Playthrough’ is off. (tried toggling but to no avail)

Any ideas much appreciated, thanks!

Check in the Windows Sound settings, Recording AND Playback tabs, that the Audient id22 interface is set to the same sample rate as you are using in Audacity.

Thanks for your reply Steve. Not sure what you mean by ‘Windows Sound settings’, but in Audacity on the audio track, there is a click down menu and the sample rate is 96K, and in the ‘setup’ tab of the id22, I’ve set it to 96K also. Is that what you mean?

Same problem re-occurs unfortunately :frowning:

See here: Windows: accessing the Windows Sound controls - Audacity Manual

Thanks Steve! Working now! :slight_smile: