Tangled Up In Blue

Every so often, I slip and click somewhere I must not ought to click, and suddenly the blue graphic goes half hidden. i caught on that if I clicked enough times on the numbers to the left, the view cycle I was snared in would go full circle and return to normal. This is usually successful, but today the numbers at right went up to over 2700, and I seem hopelessly mired in solid blue.

My questions: What is this feature I so often hit? And is there a better way out of this trap?

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Clicking in the vertical scale zooms in on the waveform frequencies, centered at the click point, so you may well see only dark blue as a result.

You can right-click (or hold Shift and left-click) to zoom back out one step at a time. Or you can hold Shift and right-click to return immediately to normal zoom level.


Windows 7, Audacity 2.1.o

Thanks. It took a little fussing, but that got me out. In the process, I found that if I click one zoom, and don’t move the cursor, the zoom will return to normal if I click a second time (though in practice while working quickly the cursor usually does move). It seems to me that the accident that gets me into it is too inevitable, particularly too close to clicking out a merge line. Maybe there could be a special button to zoom in that way. Or maybe I’m prejudiced because I can’t imagine how that sort of zoom would be useful to me.

If you select over a split line, you can remove it without clicking by using Edit > Clip Boundaries > Join.

The mouse pointer does change to a magnifying glass to warn you that it will zoom.