Talking with food in your mouth or mouth closed

Hello, i just wondering to ask or ask how to make in audacity edit or edit that can make normal voice sound like then you have food in your mouth or sound like then you talking mouth closed? I don’t mean that, whispering but kind of as if your mouth was clogged.

I have some normal audio files that countain a sound actor has performed talk, which is clear and unedited. I like to manually edit this sound file sound like those. I can make someting “meaby” similar sound effects in Audacity tool but, im not sure what is the right tool or effect to make one and what kind of setting I could use here to make noise or talking track that have like food in your mouth or someting talking mounth closed.

Any ideas or tips or help on how to do this, thanks you. :3

I don’t think you can do that in a convincing way with effects - computers can’t “act” and you need “acting”.

-That sad if so. I know if should have done so, for me or us it’s not such an exact thing now but if it’s possible or for someone to do i could try.

I have a pre-made audio show and a file, this can’t be done again sadly & i have to work with those file to make noise that sound like those.

Maybe someone will post with solutions, it’s an open forum, but most “Make Me Sound Like” jobs fail.

Start thinking about what would happen if you can’t make this work.


-That’s okay, even if we can’t make this work corrently or at all. Let’s change this way: I want to make normal voice sound like then person talking in underwater. Could i do this at least in Audacity with out use backround water noise?

To make your voice sound like you have food in your mouth or like you are talking with your mouth closed, you can use the “Equalization” and “Envelope” tools in Audacity.


In detail.

The desperation method is use an actor that sounds like the original performer and have them eat something in front of a microphone.

It’s the same trick to “rescue” a noisy performance that can’t be fixed. Everybody wants a button push, but sometimes there is no button.