Taking out the background noises

I’ve recorded a lecture using another program on my iPad and now imported it into the Audacity program. What I want to do now is isolate the lecturers voice and take out the other noises like people laughing or turning a page, etc (white noise I can take out using the Noise removal function). Is there some way to split each sound and remove it?

Thank you
Fin Acc - Lecture 1.aup (16.1 KB)

AUP is a text file. It’s an Audacity Project manager list of instructions not a sound file.

You can’t take a mixed performance apart into individual instruments and you can’t take mixed conversations apart into individual speakers. Noise Removal only works (when it works at all) on low level, constant noises like air conditioning whine or broken microphone hum. It won’t do anything with noises that are constantly coming and going like audience voices, airplanes, or traffic.

It works very badly on noises that are louder than the performance. We can’t do forensics.

It works badly on hiss because of the noise sssimilarity to ssspoken wordsss.


The big kids do this with expensive shotgun microphones, a feed from “the house” (president of the United States) or actually putting a microphone in front of the speaker. I’m not aware of any other options.

This one’s a boom microphone being used in a movie.

Attached is a “pool” microphone where the White House makes copies available for the news people.

I can’t find a good picture of "free-for-all where everybody posts their own microphone, but you’ve seen it on the news.