Taking instruments out of a song

I want to purchase the different sound files for some songs so I can jam along to them by taking out the instrument i’ll be playing. Or alternatively taking out a few instruments to appreciate what it sounds like more simplified.

Is it possible to buy songs like this - i.e. getting the sound files for all the instruments, vocals separately?

Also, could you give me any tips on where I’ll find out more on how to do this.


Usually not, though “karaoke” versions of songs are quite common (see any major on-line music store).

There are also “MIDI” versions of many songs. These are not “real” instruments, but synthesized arrangements. Many ordinary media players will play MIDI files, but better than that is to use a “MIDI Sequencer” as these allow you to take the song apart and change the instruments. There is a list of MIDI sequencers and editors here: Comparison of MIDI editors and sequencers - Wikipedia

Thanks Steve,

I am investigating midi versions of songs now.