Taking Forever to Load, Sometimes Crashes

I’m using the infuriating new Windows 10 1803 update, 64-bit.

This new version of Windows 10 has nearly destroyed everything for me, including crashing my laptop forcing it’s update and requiring a completely new re-install when I tried telling it no. Ever since, it’s been a mountain of problems, one of which is Audacity takes greater than 2 minutes to load, if it does. And when I try to record anything, it often crashes.

I haven’t added any plug-ins.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled. And I installed previous versions.

I have restarted the computer.

It does not matter if I try opening a file, loading a file, or opening it fresh from the Start menu.

If I remove preferences on install, the Audacity logo image blips in and out and then takes forever booting up. And if I try running it, I get the error that the program is already running. I can see it in the Task Manager, but memory usage is less than 3 MB before it finally opens.

Check that your sound card drivers are the correct drivers from the manufacturer (not just generic Windows drivers).
For laptop computers, drivers are usually available from the manufacturer’s website.

If you are having general problems with the laptop, it will probably be worth installing the full set of drivers from the manufacturer.

That’s not the problem, the drivers all claim to be up-to-date. But I suspect it’s part of the problem.

The Windows 10 1803 Creators update decided to try this new and near-useless thing where it wants to allocate sound profile settings for each device used. So if you plug in the HDMI cable, that creates one set, plug in my microphone which has headphones, that’s another device set. Then there’s also the default on the laptop itself.

What I assume it’s trying to accomplish is remember the volume settings (among other things) for every distinct device you hook up with a driver instead of just having a master control. Unfortunately it’s beyond extremely buggy and creates a tremendously long list of problems, I suspect Audacity is one of them.

I also get the “Audacity is already running” error if I try to re-initiate it, which is unusual because once it’s open, trying to run Audacity automatically creates a new project. But it will do this on the first time I try to launch it. Then if it doesn’t detect the microphone is plugged in for some reason and I try to record, Audacity crashes.