taking audio samples to reduce noise

I’m finding it difficult taking a audio sample from a very very old beloved noisy recording using the sampler.I once read that you can take samples off other recordings I’ve used the sampler before and its a great tool,but this ones proving difficult as i cant get a sample long enough.mickthefish.

Some you can do that. Some are “standard” noises like microphone “hisss”. There might be tiny personality differences, but I expect that to work better than you think.

But no. Audacity will try to remove whatever you stick in the Profile. One of the things that kills our surveillance users is the inability to find the spaces between words or define room tone at all. It’s a recursive problem. “I need to reduce the noise so I can find clean room tone so I can reduce the noise.”

There is a desperation method. Collect all the room tone segments and make a new tack with only them. Use that for the profile. You can also find one really good room tone and duplicate it on its own track.

I believe Noise Reduction will save the profile as long as you don’t close the show. I always wondered why Noise Reduction didn’t save the profile like Equalization does.