taking a MIDI from my iTunes and converting it to Audacity

I want to be able to take the MIDI files that I’ve purchased on iTunes and slow them down just a tad or lower them just a tad and then be able to save what I’ve done. How do I do that?

Audacity does not play MIDI files. You will need to use a MIDI program.

MIDI isn’t music even though it seems like it is. It’s machine control instructions and it will sound different on each computer, keyboard and player you try. That’s the down side.

You need to open it up in a MIDI program or sequencer and change the timing there. On Macs, I think Garage Band may do that. On Windows maybe CakeWalk?


You could play the music in iTunes and use Stereo Mix to re-record it in Audacity. Use the computer to turn the MIDI presentation into sound. Then, once Audacity has it, use Effect > Change Speed to get what you want. Export to a new sound file. Audacity will not “Save” a sound file.

Again, Audacity doesn’t speak MIDI, so the new show will be a real sound file, not MIDI.


See also http://wiki.audacityteam.org/wiki/Midi#to_audio .