Tagging or marking individual songs

I have Windows 7 Ultimate and Audacity 2.0.3. I want to know how I can tag or mark each of my songs on the CD so I can go directly to a particular song once I have the finished CD-- say I want to skip directly to song #5, for example. Btw, this version of Audacity came with a tape-to-CD transfer thing called ezcap.

If you’re making a standard Audio CD, your only options are to press “Forward” four times. Audio CDs do not carry song titles or other information.

If you mount one on a computer CD drive, the computer will go on-line and look up the song titles for you, so it will seem like they’re coming from the disk, but chances are good, they’re not. If you put the disk in your older model car, all you’ll get is Track-1 and Track-2.

The Audio CD format was designed like that to allow the maximum amount of very high quality sound.

There are other types of CD that can have multi-media, song titles and other information. Those are a little less standard and may not play right on older CD players.

Audacity doesn’t burn anything. All we do is provide the songs. Do resist the urge to provide the songs in MP3 format. It works, but both Audacity native and CD native sound quality is better than MP3. So you will be intentionally adding distortion for no good reason. Export each song in WAV (Microsoft) and pull them into your CD Authoring software.

That’s also the first time you will be allowed to change the order of the music. Audacity only exports in file alphabetical order.

Consult your CD Authoring and Burning software for further instructions. They all do it slightly differently.



They can of course be burned with CD-Text though the information it contains is limited and does not help you skip to a specific song.