System76 Galago Pro - display issues

Using a System 76 Galago Pro laptop set to 2560 x 1400 resolution at 200%. This setting is ideal for almost all Linux software except Audacity.
At that setting everything is still very tiny in Audacity 2.3.0. Audacity doesn’t seem to respond to the 200% setting. I can change the font size for the top menu but nothing else. So, when editing, all the controls are still very tiny. And other options become to large to display in the bars above the active tracks. “Zoom” under the View menu option doesn’t change the tools, only the actual audio view. Does anyone know how the get the entire program to respond to the display scale that I have adjusted under display settings? here is a screenshot to show the problem. I have tried all options I can think of.
I suspect this is a problem hard coded into Audacity.
Screenshot from 2019-01-03 07-18-39.png

Sort of. The problem is that Audacity does not yet fully support high dpi.

Audacity uses WxWidgets to provide cross-platform compatibility. Currently it is using Wx 3.1. The developers of WxWidgets are working to improve high dpi support in Wx 3.2.