System Reboot

My Laptop needed a reboot to default! I re-installed my Disc for the V-1.2 But I couldnot get the Lame software to work! now I downloaded the new V2.01 but the default preference is only Mono How do I get the Stereo preference, in this new version?

P.S I am using Windows VIsta,


Normally you would set the number of channels in the Device Toolbar:

Please forgive the change in username but I had trouble logging back in!! I tried the device manager but it doesn’t change! It has only the (1)mono in the dropdown box!

Follow the steps in the green box “Operating System Specifics” here:


If this is still a problem, download the correct LAME v3.99 .3 here: .


Dear Gayle

Thank-you very much, I will try the lame I already have and if it doesnt work I’ll come back here and download it again.


Dear Gayle,

Thank-you very much, I Guess the “Lame 3.99” works best with the latest version of “Audacity”! The :smiley: CD that came with my record player only had the Version. 1.2! My records never sounded better, No Scratches and I can even amplify the volume before saving ,

Thank-you once again!

Stephan :smiley:

Audacity 2.x (and 1.3.7 and later in the previous Beta series) need LAME to be built with sufficient features (symbols) or they won’t accept LAME. This is so that the MP3 exports with reasonably correct metadata and correctly reported playing time, and so on.

You can always get a full featured LAME from the links we give, but versions of LAME downloaded elsewhere may not have enough features turned on.