System has detected another copy

Hi. I am using a windowns 7 Home premium 64 bit. I had been using the old version of audacity and downloaded the updated version (2.3.2) 2 days ago…
I have been getting the following message “The system has detected another copy of audacity”. I have re installed it twice. The message still occurs. Please help asap.

Try shutting down the computer completely

(On Windows 10 that is:
Windows start menu → Shift + click the power button → Select “shut down”
I don’t have Windows 7)

Then restart the computer.

Thankyou for your reply, I have restarted the computer, reinstalled it a few times and i still get the message. Is there an issue if my computer was upgraded from windows xp to 7? i had used audacity in the xp earlier.

Reinstalling Audacity won’t fix anything unless you select the option to “Reset Preferences” during the installation. Did you do that?

Thankyou for your suggestion steve. Helped me.