system does not sense STEREO only left channel

Hi I am new to this vinyl to CD thing…I cannot get a stereo input using this system I just purchased…regretebly am using windows vista tried calling tech support NO ON AVAILABLE help please THNX Dale

Two possibilities. If you have an analog service and you’re plugged into the Mic-In of your Windows Laptop computer, you lose. The Mic-In is a mono service and if you plug in stereo by accident, you only get Left – if it works at all.

The other possibility is you’re using an older Audacity. Audacity 1.2 came out of the box in mono. you can reset this in the Audacity Preferences (then restart), but it is urged strongly that you install Audacity 1.3.12 and use that.

Audacity 1.2 is not supported and is no longer being patched, updated, or corrected.

You can put both versions on your machine. Just use one at a time.

Let us know. You posted in a part of the forum where we can’t tell anything about you. You can’t give us too much information.