System crash after Critical stop sound + other


So, to start with, when I turn on the PC it won’t go straight to loading windows, I always have to press the F1 button first. Then it happens sometimes when I play that I hear the system sound of “critical stop” and the game freezes and if I try to alt-tab I can see al the tabs but if I select one it won’t open. Also if I press ctrl-alt-del to open the task manager, I can see it in the alt-tab menu but if I select it it’s the same, I can’t open it. I have to log off the user and log on again to be able to do anything (obviously being disconnected from my game). And I constantly hear the USB device sound connecting and disconnecting - but nothing seems to actually connect or disconnect (I’ve tried to check in Manager or with usbdeview and nothing showing there - I just muted the sounds in the end). Do you have any idea what could be causing these?


What version of Windows is installed?
What game or games?
What does this have to do with Audacity?