syncing Tip

I’ve been using audacity for a while and I’m mightily impressed with this programme. I’ve recorded a demo song on it. I do think that a tips page would be handy for people starting out. I’ve learned a few tricks as I’ve gone along and thought I’d share one with you. With vocals, guitar leads whatever if there is a bit that doesn’t sound too good or comes in slightly early or late, you can always cut and paste a phrase out of a previous take and plop it in, If this puts the rest of the track out of sync by moving the time frame slightly, just go to the end of a track and copy a bit of silence then paste it in and keep chopping away at the silence with the scissors until the rest of the track moves back into sync. If you chop too much off just undo and chop less off, works a treat.

You can also put the new clip on a second timeline under the first. Then you have all the fade, dissolve, and earlier/later tools. It will automatically mix down to stereo when you Export.