Synchronized versions of recorded messages not accessible

I recorded 21 messages to my newer computer. They played fine and I was happy with the quality.

However, the new computer became unstable and then almost unusable so the Audacity files were transferred to my back-up computer and to an external HD.

Upon the transfer, each message was splintered/split into 10 second increments that were no longer in order in their respective order.

I and several friends have tried to recreate the original messages to no avail.

These messages are extreme radical, screaming, hollering, crying, sobbing, sniffling, almost incoherent at times, and transcribing them and then recording them to another source in order is almost impossible because I cannot distinguish which one comes before another.

I need them badly for a legal problem, stalking, and must transcribe asap for the district judge and then 3 weeks later, provide the audio tape, but the transcribing must come asap or they cannot be used as evidence.

I am wondering if the TRANSFER to another computer and external HD made them splinter into the 10 second increments without option to retrieve? I was EXTREMELY careful in the transfer because of their critical importance to me.

Need help to know if they CAN be reordered and put back into the original full-length message??

Can you still get to your original computer?

It’s a good bet you transferred parts of an Audacity Project instead of the full show in each case.

An Audacity Project consists of an AUP text file that contains all the instructions for Audacity to assemble the stuff in the _DATA folder of the same name into a show. Without the AUP file, you get what happened to you. A million seemingly unrelated sound snippets.

You need to go back to the original computer and find all the AUP files with the same names as your shows. Without those, reconstructing the individual shows is between very difficult and impossible.


In case I didn’t connect the dots, double click on the AUP file and Audacity will open and go looking for the _DATA folder and present your show. It won’t look very far. The AUP file and the _DATA folder need to be in the same place or folder for this to work. I put both on my desktop.