synchronize two tracks

Hi, me being a new Audacity user,

  • first recording track 1
  • then while listening to track 1, recording track 2(supressing sound from track 2)

There is a small delay between the tracks due to the built-in sound card as expected,

  • I casnnot find the way to synchronize two tracks, tried “track=>target track” but still cant get it right.

That one we can fix. If you’re overdubbing and the first and second tracks are out of sync, that’s an overdub setting.

The short answer is to make a click track and then dub the click track playback onto the new track. Measure the difference and set the Recording Delay.

Here’s one where I jammed the earphone up against the microphone.


If you want to fix an existing problem, you can use the Time Shift Button (two sideways black arrows). Select one of the tracks (double click inside the blue waves) and push sideways.