synchronize tracks

Track one is a piano track. Tried adding drums as track two. When I playback the drums out not in tempo with the piano. seems the drums are a little slow. Am I missing a setting somewhere?

Try using the time shift tool to re-allign your tracks.

you can find this in the top left of the tool bar and it looks like <->.

It helps to zoom in so you can shift the track by very small amounts and get it right in the right spot.

If you have played to a click track this makes it easier to allign. If you havent try it, audacity can make a click track for you under the generate menu. Just pick the tempo and the length of time you want the click to go for.

Have a look through the tutorials and the frequently asked questions, you should find lots of usefull information

this should fix your problem but if you find that the drums are in time for the start and slowly drift out of time then it is probably a problem with your sound card (or if you havent played to click track it might just be messy playing making it hard to line the tracks up). Are you using the inbuilt sound card? Most PC sounds cards arent very good so you may need to invest in better quality soundcard.

Good luck
Good luck