Synchronization of soundracks

Hi, it’s the first time I post here.
I use Audacity to edit a soundtrack file ta have it synchronized to a base soundtrack , normally english, and then make the multiplexing to obtain a multispeech film . Made hundred of times : I work on mkv film files, and extract the soundtrack file with gMKVExtractGUI (MKVToolnix). At the end of the filename there is a DELAY : 0 msec or some more. Never given much importance to it. BUT now I have met a soundtrack file with DELAY 2800 msec ! Consequence : even the soundtrack is visually sinchronized with the base one (Whih has DELAY 0 msec ) , after the multiplexing , this second soundtrack is
not synchronized with the video : 3 secs are a lot of time! My question therefore is (as I am forced to use “that” file , no other one with DELAY 0 available) how can I modify and delete this 2800 msec DELAY? Secondly , in the process of soundtrack creting, where and which program settles this DELAY?

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