Sync lock stopped working when pasting

My sync lock still works except when I paste something. If I past a section into the beginning of track 3, it will move the rest of that track to the right, but tracks 1 and 2 remain unchanged, so they are no out of sync with track 3. I never had this problem before. It just suddenly appeared. Is there a fix?

I’ve just tried this with Audacity 2.4.2, and as I thought, it does the same, IF the insertion point is before the audio starts in other tracks.

The behaviour is different if the insertion point overlaps audio in other tracks. In this case, any overlapping audio is moved to the right, keeping it synchronised with the insert track.

The behaviour is consistent with dragging audio clips that are before any other clip in any other track.

As far as I remember, Audacity has behaved this way for as long as Sync-Lock has existed, and is explained in the manual here: Sync-Locked Track Groups - Audacity Manual

So strange. It didn’t behave that way up until a few days ago. I used this feature every single day, pasting the intro to my podcast at the beginning of a template and it’s always worked until now. I’m not sure what to do. It would be a ton of work to re-align everything every time after pasting the intro.

Ah, I found the solution. Edit/Preferences/Tracks, check “Editing a clip can move other clips”

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