Symbols in file names in Files->Recent

The submenu Files->Recent Files shows an ‘&’ (ampersand) in the file name as a space. Haven’t checked for effect on other symbols, but I have noticed that Files->Open does not have this issue.

  • DickN

Interesting - on Linux an & in the name does not show up as a character, but underlines the next character.
test&1.aup shows as test1.aup

Thanks for the report. I opened a bug .

I don’t see the underline on Ubuntu 12.04 using wxWidgets 2.8.12.


I was testing with a build with wxWidgets 2.8.10.

Looks like it was a long-standing widgets behaviour, now fixed.

On Windows, 1.3.3 (widgets 2.6.3) and 1.3 7 (widgets 2.8.9) show the underline (so treating the non-displayed “&” like an access key).