Switching USB port causes Audacity not-to record and more

It all started when I bought a hub to go in the old useless floppy hole in my tower which had 4 more usb ports, my motherboard had 6 “midboard” 2.0 ports and the less stuff plugged in the back the better. So, my problem before, which made me boot into windows 7 when I wanted to rip vinyl with Audacity at first seemed kind of resolved, I plugged the turntable in the front, on one of the hubs’ port.

So shortly, now I can’t get the sound from the turntable come out my PC speakers, and yes I have that thing that is checked by default so that it does so. Secondly, in the past I couldn’t record in LInux because the sound was too loud, the 2 green bars to the max, in Windows 7 I was able to easily control, the green bars weren’t already dancing way high on idle like in Windows, where only a little bit were showing. And finally, I cannot record, because the sound is too low I guess? But when I press the record button, nothing happens, although it will read a record playing at about -20db, the bars get that far only.

And I know I am using the correct source of sound. What happened there? I even switched it back to the one port I want clear of anything in the back, one of my 2 usb 3.0 ports, and there is no difference at all. I can give you screengrabs if you ask for them, I will glady make them available. At first I though alright, finally I can record in Linux. Not only I can’t, before I could, but the sound was like looking at a loudness war album, no dynamics, a big green block (almost) which went way past -6db, they pushed through to the limit. Now if I press record, nothing happens, and the Pause button presses itself down. There was just a bunch of audacious updates and sound updates, no idea if it has a relationship. (I use Mint 17.3). Might make me boot up in Win7 for a while, I decided this was a lazy saturday, I have a infection in a foot, taking antibiotics and very low dose codeine pills for pain, and my cocoon of comfort was broken.

Any help will be deeply appreciated.

Sorry about your foot.

What happens if you take the hub out?


Taking the hub out would mean opening the PC tower and unplug it from the one of the 3 blue port to plug in something to make the 6 midboard usb ports that I can have. It is not an external hub.

It is not an external hub.

I didn’t think it was. All these problems seem to start when you implanted this internal hub into your system.


I’ll see…I noticed that mInt 17.3 sees it (the turntable) as (hw2,0) now, even if I plug it to the ports in the back again and reboot.

Your machine seems to have scrambled USB port management. USB management isn’t any too good when everything is working perfectly, if you have internal, user-installed hub hardware and the system doesn’t know how to deal with it, I bet you’re going to get what you got.

Take the internal hub out.