Switching order of transport tool buttons back to non-ergonomic?

Hi all. I just got a new computer (Windows 10), first one in many years, and I am reinstalling Audacity (newest version, 3.0.3)

I figured out how to get the classic appearance, by switching to Classic theme in the preferences.

However, I can’t find a way to switch the button order back to the old order I’m used to, with rewind first, and fast-forward last.

I’ve researched it and found that there used to exist a way to switch it from “ergonomic” to “alternative”, according to some info near the bottom of this page:


But, it looks like the option has been removed. Does anyone know a way to do this currently? It’s a small thing, but much appreciated.

Yes it has. The “ergonomic button order” is now the only option.