swirl sound after noise reduct

settings are ----------------deduct-12

listen acoustic wavy sound

The old Noise Removal did that. You should be in Audacity 2.1.1 and the more modern Noise Reduction.


Make absolutely sure your profile is from a portion of the show with Only Noise. If you get a little voice in there by accident, Noise Reduction will try to remove voice, too. Start the process with 6, 6, 6. The Noise Reduction of the Beast.

You should not be doing any production in MP3. MP3 makes sound damage —always— and you’re asking Noise Reduction to process the show and the show damage. It’s not unusual for the MP3 compression damage to get worse when you do that, plus in Audacity, you have to make a new MP3 when you’re done and the MP3 compression sound damage is going to go up again. Never do Production in MP3.


ok got it thanks

speaking of compression, with my odd style and sounds, what settings would you begin with?

There are two completely different types of “compression” which are not related …
Above Koz was referring to the lossy compression caused by mp3.
whereas I think your question above related to dynamic range compression.

There’s a crackle in your vocal , clipping maybe ? …

If not clipping, then maybe try adding a pop-shield.
[ pop-shield should be about 4 inches from the microphone for it to function properly ].

We can get the most out of your test sound clips if you submit them before any processing. Raw clips. And use WAV, not MP3. MP3 creates its own sound damage in addition to everything else.

Here’s a good starting format. If you use a stand-alone file posting service, you don’t need to worry so much about the ten second limit. That’s just for the forum.