SWIM can't use a Macro on more than 3.000 files


SWIM has the issue that SWIM ripped some 9.000 files from a video game.
SWIM came to realize that SWIM could only do a batch of 3.000 files.
Now in this case it’s a minor issue because SWIM can apply this process
3-times to be done with it. But is there a workaround for this?


Yes, and I think you have found it. :wink:

See also: Applying a macro to several hundred files yields "Cannot open this type of file" · Issue #472 · audacity/audacity · GitHub

But why not 10.000 or 1.000?
3.000 is just arbitrary.
So is it OK for me to create ticket on GitHub then?

So it never hurts to remind the developers. :grinning: Particulalry if it is a different user.

I know you’re being sarcastic, but what’s the endgame here?
I should be happy that it works with 3.000.
I mean I am, but still: At least like the dude mentioned on GitHub:
A specific error should be displayed, or am I wrong?

No sarcasm intended.

I don’t believe there is any design limit to the number of files that can be processed by macros. It seems that there is perhaps some kind of bug that manifests itself as more and more files are processed. Unfortunately, the developers are working on lots of bugs (and new features) and it can seem they don’t set a high enough priority on things we would like them to work on.

Hence, reminders are useful.

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K, imma suggest it.
Thanks for the quick responsos and all.

You did good. :grinning: You can ignore Peter’s comments - he is just protecting his turf (documentation), so he takes these issues personally. Note that Peter’s continuing documentation efforts have been a significant factor in the popularity and usability of Audacity. The simple matter is that the developers don’t see this as real a problem as the other issues they are dealing with and reminders such as yours are useful.

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