Swap Left and Right (chanels) does not appear track dropdown

Swap Left and Right (channels) does not appear in my track dropdown box. Using Audacity 2.0.5. Any ideas?


Select “Split Stereo to Mono” from the drop-down track menu, (see below), then either move the lower track up , or the upper one down , then select “Make Stereo Track” from the menu in the uppermost track to join the swapped tracks into a stereo pair.
drop-down track menu.png

Thanks that works.

I saw refernce to “Swap Left and Right (channels)” being an option and that would be easier. I was also going to see if the function could be done as a batch.

This feature is planned for the 2.0.6 version.
Steve has made a patch for this purpose.

Great!! Is the patch available? I am new to the forum and tried searching, but no luck.

it’s available in the nightly build:
I would suggest that before you unzip the nightly build and copy it over your existing release version of Audacity you rename the existing release version so that you can go back to it if necessary.