Surface Noise

I transferred some cassettes, and one track, it fades, but you can hear the hissing. Tried noise removal, but at the end, where the song fades, the hissing can be heard. I would send the aup file so someone can see.

Noise reduction isn’t perfect…

You can experiment with the settings and get “more agressive”. I assume you gave Audiacity a sample fo noise-only for the noise profile?

If you go too far, “The cure can be worse than the disease”, but you may be able to use a more agressive setting only on the fade-ins & fade-outs to avoid damaging the rest of the file.

Yea, noise removal was set at 48, so it clears the hissing at the start, but no it isn;t perfect. But I can send aup file. Hope I can find something or I have to get AAAWave

If you try something else and it works terrifically better, please post back and say so. Trying to rescue sound from a cassette is a challenge.

The aup file isn’t sound. It’s an Audacity Project Manager – it’s a program. If you want to send music or a test to somebody, File > Export > WAV.

Here’s instructions for attaching files.


I give that a try.