Suppression of Cameraman's Breathing in a TV Interview Track

I have a stereo soundtrack that has been extracted from a TV Interview video that I am editing in post-production.

Prior to filming the interview, the hand-held drectional microphone failed and it was necessary to use the rocket mike that is built into the
high resolution Sony hybrid camera used for the interview shoot. The room was quiet. Both the reporter and the interview subject’ voices are clear and have good volume without any distortion. However, due to the use of the non-directional mike that is positioned internally within the camera housing, the camerman’s ‘behind camera’ breathing was picked up. I need to filter this breathing out, however the technique that is usually used in the studio is to suppress below 120 Hz and then run the resulting filtered track through a compander to regenerate the cleaned stereo soundtrack.

Audacity 2.0 does not provide these tools directly.

How do I use Audacity features to achieve suppression of the background breathing in the audio file ?



Effect > High Pass Filter, 120Hz.

You might not need the compander if the breathing wasn’t very loud. You only need that if it was loud enough to grab the camera’s auto gain control.

You might try Chris’s Compressor at its default settings to even out the rest of the interview. I use it to even out spoken podcasts so I can listen on an iPod. Most of them have no control over volume between people in an interview and I’m constantly pushing the volume up and down.