Suppressing digital and analog audio feedback

Hello, I am new to this forum.

I am trying to suppress or destroy most or all feedback using Audacity’s latest version.

So far, I have applied the following settings:

For bass, -30db
For treble -30db

After I have burned onto a CD-R, I played it in my CD player. The result was in a faint sound; whereas, when I connect my CD player to my computer using an audio jack, the feedback was suppressed or eliminated. Still, it needs more work my adjustments. Would I need to use a digital feedback suppressor, such as Waves app? The goal is to prevent users from making copies prior to illegally sharing or going viral online.

Also, should I need to purchase a Behringer advanced feedback suppressor, so that it can perform the job correctly?



To make sure you really have that, please have a look at the pink panel at the top of the page and give us all three version numbers.

What does the goal have to do with the symptoms?

To burn a CD, see Tutorial - Burning music files to a CD. Export as WAV to burn as CD, then the CD should sound the same as the audio sounds in Audacity.

Read the manual for the CD player so you know how to use it standalone.

See How to copy protect a CD or DVD (or use your favourite search engine to look for other solutions).


Hello, Gale and other users.

I am using Audacity version 2.1.3

Also, I have clicked on the link, but the CD-R format is Phillips Audio standard.
In addition, I am looking into Disc Descriptor Protocol (DDP) creation apps - namely Soundblade LE or Soundblade HD.
I want to look into those apps, so that I can make great use of either one of them.

Any other comments or questions?



We can only help you with Audacity here.

DDP is proprietary and will probably involve buying software that handles the format - probably not what most of our users want.

Standalone but still free CD burning applications often include error verification/correction.