Suppress GSM bzzzz background noise


I have a conversation record with an awful bzzzzz background noise coming from a GSM too near from the recording machine.
How do you thing I can reduce it, with way for filtering ? I’m a new user of Audacity.

regards and happy new year coming soon


Probably not, but if you want to take a shot at it, Effect > Noise Removal.

It works in two steps. Drag-select a portion of buzz by itself. No voices. Run the tool and Get Profile.

Select some of the actual show, run the tool again and apply it. Audacity will try to remove whatever you captured in the profile from the show.

No, it’s not that easy and setting the sliders is something of an art form.

Are you going to tell us how you were trying to record your cellphone? It’s not that easy and we’re always up for new ideas.


I second that, the GSM buzzy pulse occupies all of the sound spectrum …
GSM buzzy pulses cover all of the sound spectrum 8¬(.gif
If the buzz coincides with the sound you want to keep (voices) they can’t be removed without taking the voice too.

All these things I was going to get to while I was on holiday/vacation…

I never tried out my telephone recording system on a cellphone and I never wrote up the one I got to work on a landline.

One of these days.


In fact, I was not recording the gsm but a conversation meeting. At the beginning, the record is good. But after a while, the parasite gsm bzzzz background sound appears; i think someone moved its GSM from his pocket and put it in the table near the recorder, so that i have the wave parasiting sound (although the GSM is muted).

Here attached the spectrum, without then with the buzzy parasite sound :frowning:

Audacity has another kind of spectrogram display which can be selected from the “track drop-down menu” as an alternative to the waveform display …

But when it comes to trying to remove the GSM noise when it coincides with speech you are “fouetter un cheval mort”.