Super USB Cassette Recorder error I/O device error 1117

I have installed the software and cannot get my computer to recognize the Super USB cassette capture. I get an error message that the I/O device error 1117. The software program does not find the cassette player. It played with my head phones installed. I have tried it with batteries installed and with them removed. As requested I have a screen shot. If you cannot resolve this problem how do I get my money back? Thank you for your help. Robert Mueller Ph.D.

For that you would need to go back to where you bought the Super USB cassette capture device from, or the manufacturer.

Audacity is an open source software project which is supplied free to the world. Manufacures of USB turntables and USB cassette decks often bundle in our free software with their hardware - and usually it is an out of date superseded version of Audacity.

Try reading this tutorial from the Audacity Manual:

And this set of tutorials: