Super basic usage question

Hello to all,
I am brand new to Audacity, and I’m almost embarrassed to ask… All I want to do is chop the beginning of a song off. I have the area selected (it’s dark grey in color), but when I go to ‘remove audio’, I am unable to delete, cut or anything. None of the options are available. Perhaps I have not sufficiently ‘selected’ the area? I feel like I have clicked every darn button available. help, please! thanks!

Most of the tools do not work if you’re in Pause instead of Stop. So Press Stop, drag-select the work and press your delete key.

You can get even more accurate by drag-selecting more than the work, and zoom into it by pressing Control-E. Then drag select the work you want to delete – now much larger and easier to see – and press DEL on your keyboard. Zoom back out by pressing Control-F. That’s two of the zoom tools I use constantly, and Control-3, zoom out a little bit is the complete set. I don’t even have to look at those keys any more.

Remember, too, that Audacity will not Save a sound file. To get a new sound file you wave to Export one.