Super Audio CD files *.dsf [SOLVED]

Hello everybody, I’m using in W8.1 Audacity 2.0.6 from .exe installer,
I would see the graphs of each channel of this kind of 5.1 audio file to select and listen i.e. ne instrument only. Could it be possible please ?
From “import as raw data” only bad results… Thanks in advance

I don’t understand if you mean that you cannot yet import DSF files. If you mean that, try installing FFmpeg which is supposed to support DSD, then import the file into Audacity.

Or convert the files to WAV (not a lossless process) using


Thanks Gale, but I canot import *.dsf files even having instaled the library you indicated.
I converted dsf to wav through foobar2000, but I obtained a stereo file (L+R). I would like imntead to see the spectra of the 6 channels instead - if it’s possible -
Thanks again

Sorry. DSF is indicated as supported by FFmpeg here but looking at the FFmpeg Changelog, DSD decoding did not come in until version 2.3.

I obtained which is of FFmpeg 2.3 vintage, and pointed Audacity to it. Then I tried importing the “Crossing” “DSD64 (2.8 MHz)” 5.0 file from

The file did import as five channels (DSD should be FL, FR, C, SL, SR). The sample rate of the tracks is 352800 Hz (often used I gather for PCM mixing of audio for SACD).

Don’t get the very latest FFmpeg from Zeranoe because it may not work with current Audacity.


Thank you very much Gale, I successfully imported and played following your suggestion.