If there are not ways to do this, maybe someone could create the appropriate modules: 1. drag the end of the waveform line over to connect to the next waveform line in the event of a blank space that needs to be stitched.
2. In the case of a pitch that seems to drop into the shape of a valley, drag the bottom of the valley in the wave from up to the surface in line with the pitch surrounding it.

If I understand this, you drag-select the area you want to delete, and then press delete. Audacity will smash the two waveforms together.

I generally do this in two or three passes, getting more and more accurate with each pass. Keep magnifying, highlighting, and deleting. The last pass is where you magnify down to molecular accuracy and match the beats or waveform shape. If you make a mistake, UNDO and try it again.

There are no tools I know that will change a song pitch as the song is playing.


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