Suggestions to improve the chances of finding the official site or partner site of Audacity in search results

Having replaced Windows with Ubuntu on my PC, as a musician and an IT professional, I have used Audacity since 2007 as I try to support as many open source projects as possible and Audacity been on my top 10 list of essential apps ever since.

I don’t recall ever finding it difficult to find the official website online, but I guess when I decided to lead a google free life and use an alternative search engine duckduckgo, it became more difficult to find the official site. With google the official site is right at the top of the list (see attachment), however using duckduckgo this time I found it difficult to find the official site and I have seen posts on other sites asking what the official site is for Audacity, where you know its safe to download from, because its a minefield out there and there are literally dozens of web sites using the popularity and reputation of Audacity to lure people to these sites deceiving them into thinking theirs is the official site to download Audacity (how they have the Audacity I don’t know :wink: )

Anyways here’s a post of someone looking for Audacity, I never followed the link as I don’t do Yahoo either, and I wouldn’t advise anyone to follow it either as they don’t comply with GPR and respect privacy, but its serves as a good example:
What is the real Audacity website? Well I am trying to download Audacity but I’ve only come across virus infested websites that claim to be Audacity. I am getting so irritated and all I want is this software.

I myself only found the official site via Wikipedia. I don’t know if there is anything you can do about the fake sites, but I assume you can do something to ensure that when people search for Audacity especially prospective new users can easily find the official site? Also I suggest you could make it easier by improving the listing for audacity in search results, for instance, on google, Audacity is top of the list, but its listed as:


where it would be great if possible if it could be listed with more information so it is clearly the official home of Audacity, for example:

Audacity (The official site of Audacity® copyright © 1999-2021 Audacity Team.
The name Audacity® is a registered trademark).
It is free open source software distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License.
Alternatively you can download Audacity® from our official partner at:

As I only learned via wikipedia that In March 2015 hosting was moved to FossHub, which was news to me, not having downloaded Audacity for a some years, so this could also be made clear as shown and anyone officially hosting Audacity should include some additional info in the search results, so its clear to anyone looking for Audacity where else aside from the official product can be downloaded from. Lastly can Audacity still be downloaded from sourceforge as its still being hosted there?

The official home page is

From there, there are links to the Fosshub download sites and the 3rd-party FFmpeg (and old LAME) download sites, this forum, etc.

Sourceforge is no longer the official host for Audacity and only has old versions of Audacity.