suggestions on this vocal sample

Hey everyone, I’m working on a self hypnosis recording and I’m not all that pleased with how it sounds.

The sample is here [ ] ( or here [ ] ( sample.mp3)

For some reason it seems like it sounds too ‘thin’. I need some practical tips/suggestions how to fatten this sound up. I’m not going to record a new sample, as I don’t have the time. I just want to work with what I have. Anytime I’ve recorded self hypnosis recordings for myself, the sounds seem too thin. When I listen to this recording, I’d like for it to have some depth to it, and when listening to it with my headphones, I’d like to hear it from all sides. Not sure if I’m explaining this well.



NOTE: I need to normalize this track, as its pretty quiet.

You need to get a better microphone. That sounds like it was recorded with a cheap headset microphone or a computer mic. The saying about silk purses and pigs ears comes to mind.

Note also that the microphone inputs on computers are typically very poor quality, so either, a better microphone and a microphone pre-amp plugged into the line input (if your computer has a dedicated line input only), or a USB recording microphone (usually the better option if using a laptop).