Suggestions from musically inclined people

I’m making my first amateur recording from a poem I wrote, and though I know the finished product won’t sound great, I just want it to sound less amateur. So far, it’s just me singing with my ukulele (Separate tracks). You can listen here (audio quality suffered a bit with format conversion).

My questions are:
-I have a Yamaha keyboard with lots of pretty-good quality instruments on it. I want to add bass, but can’t figure out what other synth instruments would go with this song. Suggestions?
-The vocal is just raw and dry. What Audacity effects would you apply? I want to play around with it, but don’t know where to start.
-Any other suggestions?

I appreciate you taking the time.

You almost told us what kind of microphone you have and how it’s connected. Which Audacity exactly, which computer and what operating system?

You posted in a part of the forum that doesn’t ell us anything and we’re going to ask you all this stuff anyway.


IMO “another waaAAYY” gets too loud towards the end, can be fixed with audacity’s envelope control

“after” has a hint of reverb and chorus

dynamic range compression helps too …

Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain :slight_smile: