Suggestions for small omnidirectional mics?


I want to wire up some small omnidirectional mics, I got some teeny weeny ones from the electronics shop I managed to solder together for about $2 each, but the quality isn’t great. Anyone know some good quality mono microphones that are tiny and I can just solder contacts on to?

I have one similar to this at the moment:

want something similar to install but higher quality?

I’m a fan of the Radio Shack 3013 microphone. It’s designed as a tie-tack microphone, but you can use it as a terrific group microphone by making it into a Fake Pressure Zone microphone with a piece of wood and towel.

No soldering needed and it plugs straight into the Mic-In of your Windows Laptop.

It’s your capsule already tricked out with all the stuff you’re going to have to solder anyway.

Or you could use one of these.


Panasonic WM-61

Right then. Here’s the release version.

I’m installing that one in one of the training rooms tomorrow.