Suggestions for new features - Part 2

Hi, newbie here, I have a few suggestions which I’m going to drop here. Sorry in advance if this is in the wrong place, please don’t go tearing me a new one as happened to me once in a different forum. (I’m sure he was a lovely fella really).

Suggestions as follows:

(1) An option to have the timing displayed next to the mouse pointer (like a tooltip) as you run the mouse along the timeline.

For example : 2:34:17 at the tip of the mouse pointer.

(2) An option to allow labels (lyrics etc) to be displayed vertically (like in MS Word and Excel)

(3) When you put the mouse on the timeline at a particular point of interest to you, and the vertical white line shows, when you right-click the mouse and the context menu pops-up, there should be options to split tracks individually.

For example:
Split track 1 Y
Split track 2 N
Split track 3 Y
Split track 4 Y
Split track 5 N

The user should be able to check which tracks they want split at the point on the timeline.

(4) As things stand, when you click on the timeline the track automatically plays. There should be an option to swtich this off.

My work here is done . . . for now.

Hugs etc.

  1. what’s your use case here? What are you trying to achieve?
  2. You may find Edit → Labels → Label Editor helpful here. Incidentally, you can also export the labels and then import the labels into Excel as a TSV (tab-separated values).
  3. Again, what’s the use case here? You currently can expand selections across multiple tracks using arrow keys and Enter.
  4. What are you trying to do that has the playback get in your way? (fwiw: We’ll be changing the timeline into 2 rows for Audacity 4, only one of which will have playback going on in it)

Thanks for your reply it’s much appreciated, but I gave up and switched to using a different DAW.

Kind regards.