Suggestions for improving "booming" audio?

I’m really new at this, but I just got asked to record a lot of clips for students because of COVID. I know next to nothing about sound design, but really want to do a good job. I have an ARCHEER microphone (model: 3bhFvA23Q) with a wind screen.

All of my audios sound really echo-y. From the other forum posts I’ve read, the only solution is to get a better set-up (which I’m working on), but is there anything I can do to improve the general quality otherwise?

You can’t remove echo/reverb from audio, just like you can’t remove the cream from the coffee. Yes, you need a better setup.
– Bill

That’s not a raw recording: noise/echo reduction has been applied, possibly before the sound got to Audacity.
It’s usually best to switch those audio enhancements off, (I don’t speak mac).

Inside a car could sound better than the room you’re in …