Suggestions for bundled GVerb plugin


I find it somewhat depressing that your post to -devel garnered not a single reply.

Actually I sent it to the QA list and only Cc: to devel.
The timing of my post was probably a bit unfortunate as everyone is tied up with the release of Audacity 1.3.13 at the moment.
Have you made any progress with compiling/patching on Windows?

I got it to compile as noted above but stopped when I could not figure out the -70 vs. -63 thing. We would either need to get one set of figures which worked on all three platforms or figure out how to get the same results (defaults being the same) with pre-compiler #defines. Not having a Mac person to help us is a problem–we need to get someone to compile your code on Mac so Bill can test it.

Not having a “LADSPA” person (developer) is also a stumbling block.
I think I’m going to leave this now until Audacity 1.3.13 has been released, then see if there is any support from QA or devel.

In the updated “Release Process/Win” notes, I see that is no longer the case:

We are still keeping some of the LADSPA plug-ins in the Audacity installer, even though we are now offering a separate installer that includes all the LADSPA plug-ins built from version 0.4.15. We include gverb_1216.dll, hard_limiter_1413.dll and sc4_1882.dll. So:

  1. Check > > for updates.
  2. If none, just grab the dlls from a previous release.
  3. If updated, build these via the audacitywinLADSPA_plugins-win project (see audacitywinLADSPA_plugins-winreadme_LADSPA_plugins-win.txt).
  4. Once you have these DLL files, put them in the plug-ins folder, e.g., audacitywinunicode_releaseplug-ins.

So that reason is why GVerb is no longer in version 2.0.5(I also noticed 2.0.4 lacks that plugin as well.)

Oh, neither timeshift.ny is in the “plugins” directory in Audacity 2.0.5

GVerb has been replaced by the (much better) “Reverb” effect:

timeshift.ny is an optional plug-in. It has never been shipped as part of the Audacity release.