RE: Metadata for SAVE
I have to go through and remove lines in the applet that I don’t want filled. This, for every song I edit. It would be nice to be able to set a preset that takes the name of the song and leaves the rest of the fields blank.

Try [u]Mp3Tag[/u]. (It works with other formats, not just MP3).

It’s usually best to do your audio editing first, then enter or update the tags (metadat). Mp3Tag won’t “touch” the audio.

It may not do exactly what you want but it’s more flexible and configurable than Audacity’s metadata editor.

You can select all of the files in a folder at once (typically an album), then you can blank out all the fields you don’t want and update them all at once.

Typically, you’d be doing the opposite… Select all of the common information - Artist, Album name, Year, Genre, and artwork and update all that at once before entering the song title and track number.