Suggestion for improvement

I’ve said this before but nothing has happened. It would be a great service to basic audacity users like me to be able to choose tools from a floating palette instead of going to the toolbar, selecting a tool, selecting the subtool, changing the behavior and then clicking to apply it to the selection. I’m not a programmer and probably would be considered a nutcase over the suggestion but it would be a real blessing to take some basic commonly used tools, turn them into an object and move them to a palette so they can be used with only ONE mouse click, much like Photoshop. I’m on Windows 10.

All of Audacity’s toolbars are floatable. Just grab the left edge and position them anywhere you would like. If you get yourself into trouble, View > Toolbars > Reset Toolbars.

No, no, I don’t mean the toolbars, I mean the tools like Amplify, Fade, EQ, Bass & Treble, etc.

I suppose I should have said effects instead of tools

This sounds like what Macros are doing: Apply Macro - Audacity Manual

I think my question is really for the developers: I have both Arthritis and Dupuytrens, this sometimes makes the use of a mouse a little uncomfortable. Would it be possible in a future iteration of this wonderful resource to give the option to have the lower scroll bar at the top of the screen. Thanks for any consideration on this topic

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