Suggested plugin framework for 'Effect' that takes in 1 stereo track, and outputs N stereo tracks?

Hello! I have developed an ‘Effect’ that works well with Audacity 3.2.5. My original approach was to include this effect into a new custom ‘module’ (alongside mod-null, mod-script-pipe, etc.). This effect (Music Separation) takes as input a single stereo track, and outputs 4 new stereo tracks (drums, bass guitar, lyrics, and ‘other instruments’).

Like I said before, it works really well with Audacity 3.2.5. The problem, as you can imagine, is that many of the C++ classes that my Effect is based on have been changing quite a lot since 3.2.5 (not a criticism, understand that these are all internal classes). And so, there would need to be a lot of refactoring to make it compatible with latest release (and probably more refactoring for the release afterward, and so on).

I was hoping to get some advice on how to re-work my effect to better ensure compatibility with Audacity going forward. Is there a plugin framework (VST3, LV2, VAMP, etc.) that currently supports this kind of feature (1 input track, N output tracks)?

Thanks in advance!

Congratulations on your effect. The best place to ask this question is here: Audacity dev

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