Suggested enhancements for working with audio of books

Audacity is great for my purpose, which is to divide an audiobook into sentence-length segments (which I then coordinate with the text of those segments). I use Audacity 2.3.3 —labels and “export multiple” by labels.

There could be tens of thousands of short sound files to extract from the full file, and there are a couple of enhancements which would help me greatly.

First, “export multiple” has generation of filenames by adding a number to a prefix. Instead of generating numbers 1, 2, 3, etc. I’d like to see options to set (1) the starting number (2) the increment (3) the padding of the number with leading zeros up to a specified length.

This screenshot (1.jpg) from the image program IrfanView shows how this functionality is implemented there, in the analogous context of batch scanning of images.

Second, “export multiple” again, I’d like to see the hyphen, which is automatically inserted after a prefix, to be made optional. It’s a pain to have to remove it manually!

Third, I’d like to see the ability to move to the next or previous file in the current directory. The screenshot (2.jpg), again from IrfanView, shows a pair of left/right facing arrows in the
toolbar, which move to the next/previous file in the directory. In the audio sphere, this is possible with MediaPlayerClassic (screenshot 3.pjg) using PageUp/PageDown keys.

Thanks for listening!

I thought I was posting this to the “Feedback and Discussion Forum”. Can it be moved there please? Thank you.

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