Suggest using Pictures folder as default for screenshots

Windows 7 64-bit - Audacity 2.2.0-beta-Sep 1 2017 - .exe-installer

In the screenshot tool (Help>Tools>Screenshot tools…) is seems the saving folder defaults to something like:

Perhaps it would be better to use the users image folder?

Og perhaps:

The last one might cause some problems. Like maybe the user dont want folders to be created or maybe a folder with that name already exists or if the user deletes the folder etc.


Depending on how large your Audacity windows is, the screen capture will pop up on the desktop right in front of you.

I have had systems try and second guess where my files and folders are. It never goes well.


I dont know what you mean by C:\Users\Desktop?
I’m not talking about the placement of the screen capture dialog. Only the save path.

The Pictures folder is like a default folder for pictures in Windows 7.
In GNOME etc. it would be something like /usr/home/Pictures i think when using english.
The folder name depend on the language in use i think -
So i my language it would be something like /usr/home/Billeder

If i select Fil>Save other>Export as MP3 it seem Audacity creates a folder called Audacity in:

I would think creating the folder in the Music folder would make more sense since Audacity is about to export an audio files:

Same when saving images use the Picture folder:

I assume that you mean “C:\Users\username\Desktop”
Not cross-platform. Some Desktop environments (notably on Linux) hide Desktop icons by default.

I think “Pictures” would make sense (and there is a locale independent way to select it), though I usually prefer to save screenshots to the Desktop. It is only the default and is set to whatever you prefer after the first save.

I assume that you mean “C:\Users\username\Desktop”


Some Desktop environments (notably on Linux) hide Desktop icons by default.

That would seem to not be useful. What’s the philosophy/metaphor? My physical desktop hides things, but it’s from advanced clutter, not because Ikea made it to hide things on purpose.