Suggest ability to Save As an older .aup version

THANKS for creating Audacity! I’ve used it off and on for years.

Now I need to have all my ‘home studio’ files on removeable media, and currently am trying to use Audacity Portable:

The Portable is version 1.2.6, but some of my files are in the 1.3x beta format. So the Portable version can’t open the newer files, and the newer 1.3x program can’t save the files in the older format.

Is my only option to wait til the Portable folks make a portable version of your upcoming 2.0 release?


Audacity 1.3.x is portable.
Download the ZIP version of Audacity 1.3.11 and extract it onto your USB stick, then create an empty folder in the same directory as the audacity.exe file and name it “Portable Settings”.

Yeeha. That worked. Thanks again.

Would be nice if the Audacity installer - make that ALL installers - came with a Portable Install option. Portables are the way of the future. Well, they’re the way of the past, for those of us who remember floppies.

But they’re still the way of the future.