Suffer strange halt/crash problem when using 3.3.3

I have installed the latest Audacity 3.3.3 on my company notebook,
which is Windows 10 Enterprise, version 21H2, 32GB ram.
While my Audacity is easily running into crash status
and only can be closed by Task Manager EndTask.
It’s not a specified button or operation, any simple action I did
after open Audacity can cause halt, sometimes I just open Audacity and
import a PCM wav, even just “play”, then it crashed.
This is quite disturbing and I have no idea how to find the reason or something cause this.

While if I just delete “Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\audacity”
before I execute Audacity, whichmakes like it’s first time to use,
then change to my preference setting.
Then, no matter how long, how complex operation I use Audacity, it won’t crash/halt,
unless I closed the Audacity window.
Then it comes into crash condition again when next open.
I believe this is not cause by Audacity itself since it’s popular and no similar feedback
as I know. Also I didn’t suffer this before in my previous work experience.
Just want to ask help or some hint that can help me to use Audacity smoothly
on my current machine.
Please feel free to comment, suggest or provide possible guess to let me have direction to
check something wrong on my machine. Thanks a lot.~

Hmm… I’m suspecting the issue might center around the audacity.cfg file so that is the next thing to try to delete.

What happens if you don’t make aby changes to your preference setting ?

Thanks for @jademan reply.
Well, even I don’t change anything in setting/preference,
it will still crash/halt very easily if the main Audacity window has been closed once,
and the “Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\audacity” is generated.
That’s why I said it’s really annoying.
I am not sure if it’s relative to some other software or to company domain.
While as I know, most of my colleagues seems not suffer this problem.
And as consensus, there’s only necessary software are installed on a company working machine.
Thus I have no idea about what to look for or search for to get the possible way to fix this…

So you didn’t say what happens when you delete just audacity.cfg. Have you tried that ?

If so, I’m thinking it could be possibly be related to the check for new versions of Audacity: Edit > Preferences > Application > Check for updates.

If not, possibly something related to plugin scanning.

Hi, @jademan , sorry for late reply due to I was on vacation and didn’t check PC.
I had tried “delete audacity.cfg” before, and it’s same as I mentioned in the first post.
“delete audacity.cfg” → open Audacity → everything works fine whatever I do including change preference,
complex operation.
While just if I closed the Audacity window, including restart PC, then it becomes crash very easily after reopen,
or we can say after the “audacity.cfg” is saved and re-load by re-open Audacity agian.

I will try to un-check “Check for updates” today, will feedback tomorrow.
Still thanks your suggestion and patience. :slight_smile:

Hi, @jademan, first let me answer the last question, "Check for updates” is not the factor to this crash symptom.
And then, after further search and trying some different hints, it seems I found the main factor causing this
crash on my working machine. That is, Windows IME version/option.
The latest Windows IME version seems to be a factor causing some Windows Apps crash/freezes
even with different language IME, then I search Audacity forum and also found some old post
also mentioned this.

Now after I check “use previous version” under Window IME setting, then Audacity not crash more.

Just still strange that I have another Desktop also having Win10 OS, installed same Audacity 3.3.3
and used on same company domain. It’s set to use latest Windows IME while it never hit one crash
and can be used very smoothly. I am only wondering perhaps there’s still something different.

Anyway, fortunately the crash is fixed.
Still appreciate your kindness to reply me.

Thanks for posting to share your solution. Glad to hear you are now sorted. :grinning:

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