suddenly problem with FAT

I m using Audacity in a Ubuntu 18.04.5 system for some 2 years. Didn’t had a problem until now when I m trying to register the audios yesterday it says can’t register your audio in FAT unities and it does not register at all. What should I do? I really need to solv this problem for continue working. Thank you from spanish not very informatic user :slight_smile:

“FAT” is a very old family of disk formats. Unfortunately, because it is so old, it does not support some features that modern file formats support. One of the “missing” features in the FAT format is “file locking”, which is required by Audacity 3.x projects.

The solution is to use a more modern disk format, such as EXT4.

My guess is that you are trying to run Audacity projects on an external drive. External drives are not recommended when working on projects as they tend to be less reliable for real-time data transfer. Better to work on the local (internal) drive, and then if you want, copy or move the project to the external drive after closing Audacity. (Never move a project while it is open in Audacity).

You are right…it must be that . I’ve just tryed to record directly on the computer and it’s working. Thank you very much Steve! uFFF can continue working :slight_smile: